I        Yantha Cycle is much more than a motorcycle and bicycle sales and service shop . As the proud owner of Yantha Cycle , I have been given a priveledge to be a direct connection for many customers to the cycle industry . Though our MOTO MENTORSHIP program I have been able to provide many local youth with a personal insight into both cycling and motocycle industry and racing circuits. As a kid my personal dream was to be a professional motocross racer. Although this dream did not come to life a kid I did however manage to make my youthful dreams become a reality as an adult. To this very day I am living my dreams in full colour. Yantha Cycle is my life and it is my passion. From everything that i order to sell and every service I provide the local community I put my fullpassion and energy into it to help provide the Ottawa Valley with the finest customer service in the industry.  Moto Mentorship is my way of giving back the the amazing community in which I reside. Moto Mentorship is an experience of a lifetime.  Your child will have the opportunity to ride with me personally , learn bike controll and basic fundementals , as well as all the necessary bike safety skills that are a prerequiste to safe and FUN ! riding.  My goal with this program is to help youth understand that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE . Dreams can become reality with focus and determination. Contact me personally to discuss how MOTO MENTORSHIP could change they way your child views life .   

              Sincerely ,     Adam Yantha