Choose your pricing plan

  • The Bare Minimum

    • complete front to back check of bicycles current status
    • adjustments to front and back brakes if necessary
    • adjustments to front and rear derailleurs if necessary
    • all moving parts lubed and inspected for normal function
    • tires inflated and wheels checked for alligment
  • The Supreme

    • includes all of the Bare Minimum services plus below
    • Drivetrain is cleaned with more emphasis than Bare Min Tune
    • Minor wheel true adjustments made if necessary
  • The Supreme Overhaul

    • covers the Bare Minimum and the Fully Completely plus below
    • All moving parts removed from frame , cleaned and inspected
    • All major bearings cleaned and inspected Overhaul fees apply
    • Both wheels trued and tensioned in true stand
    • Suspenion Parts inspected Overhaul fees apply
  • Minimum Shop Labour

    Every month
    • Minimum Shop Labour Service